Here are the most common questions and answers below. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask anytime. Simply click the contact us link and send an e-mail. Our customer service department will reply shortly.

1- Are you an online pharmacy?
Yes we are a licensed online pharmacy since 2006.

2- Are your products brand or generic? 
When you search for a product it writes brand . Also be sure we do not offer and ship Chinese or Indian generics. Our brand product are all from EU countries and USA

3- Can I order without Prescription? 
Yes. You can order without prescription. When you order your order will be prescribed by a licensed physician and approve your order if there is no risk for your health 

4- Any volume restriction when I order from? 
No matter how big or small is your order. You can order at the minimum quantity or one year supply at a time, depending on your wants and needs. 

5- Do you ship worldwide? 
Yes we ship overseas worldwide. 

6- Will I save money when I order form your online pharmacy? 
Yes exactly. When you search on net you will see that our prices are much more cheaper than the other online pharmacies. You will start saving 40-90% even with your first order. And also we do have the MATCH PRICE GUARANTEE available. If you find a licensed Canadian Pharmacy cheaper than us please send us the link and we gladly match that price or beat it. At OnlineShopPharmacy.com you wont be charged more! 

7- How long will it take my order to get delivered? 
Delivery may vary according to the destination. Some countries like UK, France ; delivery may take as long as 24-48 hours if courier shipping is possible. Also most EU orders get delivered within 7-10 business days. United States orders usually take 8-19 business days to deliver. And Far East orders (ie. Japan , China) they usually get delivered in 7-14 business days. 

8- How much do you charge for shipping? 
No matter how big or small your order. We charge $10 for shipping. You can order many items at once. And we strongly offer our customers to order 3 months supply to save on shipping. Because for orders over $150 free shipping is available so you at that point you wont be charged for shipping.

9- Why do the pills look different than my local pharmacy? 
We must take a look on the subject in 2 ways as for brand products and generic products. For brand products, pills and boxes may look different in different countries. For example Hcg Pregnyl is a brand product however in some countries in one box there are 3 ampules and in some countries there is only one ampule. But when you buy HCG Pregnyl they are the EXACT same product manufactured by same company but different manufacturing place. Also for pills the color and shape may be different however they are the exact same quality and exact same product. And for generics the shapes , color, size , all may be different. For generics important thing is the active ingredient, they show the same affect as brands however their packaging style, shape, box may be different. 

10- How can I pay for the order? 
There are several methods available for paying for an order however the most common way to pay is via credit card or debit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards. If you don’t want to pay with credit card, Moneygram, Western Union payments and wire transfers are accepted. For larger orders (orders more than $750) we kindly ask for wire transfers. If you want to place a large order you can also contact us before placing the order. Before make payment by Moneygram, Western Union or paypal payments and wire transfers, pls get into contact with info @ o

11- Is it safe to use my credit card with you online pharmacy? 
100 % YES! We have taken all precaution to have your transaction safe and secure. 
OnlineShopPharmacy utilizes SSL. So you can feel secure while ordering with us.

12- What if my order not delivered? 
Our shipments get delivered with a high success rate. However if your order does not get delivered, you don’t need to worry. We reship you order for FREE! Till it gets delivered. Also if you don’t want us to reship your order for free, full refund is always possible. For reshipments if your order not delivered in 30 days after the shipping date, we reship for free

13- What is my order gets delivered but damaged? 
If you parcel is damaged when you receive it, you can just simply contact us with the photo of the damaged product. As soon as investigate the photo, we will reship your order for FREE! Also refund is possible if you don’t want the reshipment. 

14- What is the return policy? 
We do not accept any kind of refund. Unfortunately as per the laws of pharmacy we cannot accept any returns. We can only accept returns if wrong product shipped to your way. At this point we can reship the right medication or issue a refund. 

15- Are there any additional taxes? 
Once you order with 
OnlineShopPharmacy.com , there is no additional fees or taxes. You will only be charged for the amount you see while ordering the product and additional shipping fee. If you experience a free shipping, then you will only be charged for the medication fee and that is it. 

16- How can I cancel my order? 
If you make payment via credit card, regret to say thay it is impossible to cancell your order.If you make payment via western union or paypal you can cancel your order before it is shipped. However once your order is shipped and on the way to you at this time cancellation is not possible. 

17- I only received some part of my order? 
If your order is big in volume we may take the liberty of shipping your order more than one shipment. We will keep you informed about the shipped products for each shipment. In that case you can feel relaxed and wait for the coming deliveries. 

18- Can I track my parcel? 
Yes for every order we ship , we enter the tracking # in to the order details. So you will be able to track your order on the website of the courier or postal service. Also if you have any questions regarding the shipment tracking, you can feel free to contact us anytime. 

19- Is discreet shipping possible? 
Yes we ship all the orders discreetly and unmarked. Also all parcels are being wrapped with non-transparent coverings. 

20- I received the order but wrong dosage. What should I do? 
Simply contact us regarding the issue. The correct dosage will be promptly shipped to you. 

21- If I order from your company , will you accept my insurance policy? 
Unfortunately we cannot accept your insurance policy. However for every order we email the legal invoice to our customers. So according to you covering plan, you can claim for insurance reimburse. 

23- The amount charged on my credit card does not match my order amount. Why didn’t you charge the exact amount? 
Some of our banks do not charge in USD , some may charge in Euros or other currencies and because of the exchange rates you might be charged less (infact not more as we undervalue the exchange rate not to cause problem on your side) than the normal amount.